The best preparation for law school is a sound background in liberal arts.  At Rutgers University-Newark, there is no such thing as a “pre-law” major; instead, pre-law refers to all of the academic studies, training, and experience one attains prior to starting a formal law program.  However, it is recommended that a student select a challenging set of courses throughout their undergraduate journey in order to gain highly-regarded skills that include the ability to:

1.      comprehend and understand what you read

2.      write with lucidity and clarity, to know what words mean          

3.      logically analyze and understand complex ideas and issues

4.      effectively present thoughts orally

5.      exhibit a high level of competence in the English language

It will immediately be seen that familiarity with these skills can come from a wide variety of courses and/or majors.  Many pre-law students at Rutgers University-Newark choose majors in:

·         English

·         History

·         Political Science

·         Philosophy

·         Economics

·         Criminal Justice

·         Business

The Department of History at Rutgers University-Newark offers an 18-credit, interdisciplinary legal studies minor designed to provide students with an introduction to law.  The minor serves to enhance one’s preparation for a law-related graduate program and/or career with courses offered in a variety of academic departments including political science, history, criminal justice, philosophy, and writing.  Additionally, our very own Rutgers School of Law offers undergraduate students the opportunity to take law-focused courses, such as “Introduction to American Law,” taught by a law school professor; a true golden opportunity for undergraduate students to determine whether they are truly interested in pursuing law school after graduation.


Pre-Professional Services within the Office of Academic Services (Hill Hall 312) assists students who are interested in a legal career.  The office provides advisement and assistance to students interested in attending Law School after completing their undergraduate degree at Rutgers.  This website will provide students with:

  • Advice on course selection and preparation for law school

  • Information about law school and the legal profession

  • Guidance on the law school application process

  • Referral to activities, programs, and resources at Rutgers and beyond that will increase knowledge of the legal profession and of the law school admissions process

  • Advocacy for students interested in the legal profession


Spring 2018 Pre-Law Events at RU-Newark


Legal Studies Minor


Get Experience in Law

Make the most out of your summer by applying to these Pre-Law Summer Opportunities!

College Scholar Program

On November 15th in Manhattan, NY, the Council On Legal Education Opportunity (CLEO) will show you how to become a competitive law school candidate! Learn more about this unique opportunity and how to register: CLEO College Scholars